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The only way to get on this list is via my Twitch channel! Head on over to and sign up using !getonthelist. Please note that you must have 5k in channel currency to secure your spot. Don't have it? Watch for a while and say hi, and you'll get it soon enough! 

Current list! The top two should have heard from me by now, all others will be notified when they are coming up next!

In Progress: CriticalKnit, Kynerae

  1. Perpetual Noob

  2. AceTrainerMiles

  3. PSUGirl

  4. DarkSunStudio

  5. AlphonseHavoc

  6. Pelon_Alt

  7. SeiStrife

  8. kellydanielle

  9. AcidQueen5426

  10. AdieUK

  11. KirineGames

  12. Dmeanway

  13. Yuki_Boss

  14. Sweet Vanaya

  15. Slytink

  16. MsAshRocks

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