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In 2022, my Dad got sick. We all hoped it wasn't Cancer, but it was. And after a brave and strong 9 month fight against it, we lost him on June 11, 2023. 

I wanted to put my medal around his neck, but I'll have to just run with him by my side. To that end, I will be working to raise $15,000 to help fund valuable cancer research, so that others can have the time we were blessed to have with my Dad, thanks to DF where he was treated, right next to Hopkinton. I want them to have more. More hugs. More I love you's. 


I grew up next to Hopkinton, where the race starts. This race is in my blood, and all the best girls are from Boston anyhow. I've always been proud to be from there. 

In 2024, hundreds of Dana-Farber runners will take to the streets to participate in the 128th Boston Marathon®,. I will be one of them. I had told my Dad I was going to do this for him, and much to my surprise, he seemed honored. Glad to hear it. I know he still is. 

The Dana-Farber Marathon Challenge team runs and raises funds with thousands of special people in mind. From Hopkinton to Boston, we carry thoughts of those people every step of the way.

One hundred percent of every dollar raised by the DFMC team supports the Claudia Adams Barr Program in Innovative Basic Cancer Research at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. These funds are fueling some of today's most promising basic cancer research.
Thank you for your support! Together, we're headed toward the ultimate finish line: a world without cancer. 

Donate today:


  • 9k - Logitech Giveaway

  • 10k - Mickey Ears Giveaway 

  • 11k - Every single donation of any size after 11k gets to choose a song for my playlist that I can't skip or delete 

  • 12k - Chat gets to pick the next color for the front of my hair to replace the Blue (one color cycle until it fades!) 

  • 13k - 15k - TBA :D 


Donation - Varies

Sponsor a mile!

Sponsor a mile for the donation amount listed on the image (click to embiggen), and you'll get your name on my singlet next to the mile that you've sponsored <3 


Sponsor a training run


I'll shout you out on Instagram at the end of my next training run!

Costumed Training Run


I'll dress up in anything I've got - or closet cosplay if I don't have it - that's appropriate for my next training run. I'll take pictures and video of my training run and post them on Insta/tiktok for the world to see : 

Enter to win Boston Marathon themed bag 


I'm making myself a bag (either Summit pack or Rosie) in Boston Marathon fabric that I'll be printing from my printer, and making a second one.  Each donation is one entry



I'll do one of those cursed poppers. 

Pick my 10 Miler costume 


My final race of the year is the Springtime Surprise 10 miler at Disney, less than a week out from the Marathon. You get to pick what I wear, as long as it meets costuming guidelines and isn't offensive! 

Disney Bag - C grade but no actual issues


For a donation of $100 you can have the bag that I put the zipper on upside down on :P I made it with custom zipper pulls & zipper, and custom fabric. It's a great bag, just... with an upside down zipper. 






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